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Not Guilty Verdict for Client Accused of 2nd DUI Following Halloween Party (DeKalb County)

  • Client was driving home from a Halloween party when she was pulled over after rolling a stop sign.  Client exited her vehicle and performed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests before being arrested.  Client later declined a breath test.  Court held that Client’s performance on the Field Sobriety tests was largely good, her speech was clear, and she answered all of the officers questions appropriately.  Following the testimony of the arresting officer and viewing the squad video, the court found Client not guilty of DUI.

Roadside Safety Check Held Improper (Kane County)

  • Client arrested following a roadside safety check in South Elgin.  After testimony the court held the roadblock to be improper based on the lack of proper pre-publication, improper markings denoting the roadblock, improper implementation of the operational procedure and plan, and other various factors.  As a result, roadblock and arrest were suppressed from evidence.

NOT GUILTY Verdict for Client Accused of 4th DUI Following Motorcycle Accident (DeKalb County)

  • Client was driving his motorcycle in a group when the gravel caused his bike to be sucked into the ditch resulting in an accident for client and his passenger.  Client was subsequently transported to the hospital where two blood tests were performed resulting in BACs of 0.19 and approximately 0.215.  Blood results excluded from trial and based on the remaining evidence State was not able to meet its burden.  Client found not guilty of all charges.

NOT GUILTY verdict on felony DUI on holiday weekend for 3rd timer (Kane County)

  • Client with two prior DUIs was driving home mid-day when officers allege he failed to use his turn signal and squealed his tires.  Officers followed client for nearly ½ mile before client pulled into his driveway and proceeded inside his home.  Officers followed client inside his home and following a brief encounter arrested him for DUI minutes later.  Squad video did not show the squealing tires or the lack of turn signal, and the remainder of State’s evidence was insufficient to meet its burden beyond a reasonable doubt.  Defendant found Not Guilty of felony DUI.

Aggravated Speeder resolved to a petty traffic offense! (Kane County)

  • Young adult pulled over after being clocked driving home at 99 mph in a 55 mph zone. Case resolved to a deferred sentence on a petty speeding ticket.

NOT GUILTY verdict on felony DUI w/ an accident (Kane County)

  • Client was driving home from a bar when lightly rear-ended a vehicle at a red light. Client was subsequently pulled over and completed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests before being arrested for DUI and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. State’s evidence was insufficient to meet its burden beyond a reasonable doubt and Defendant found Not Guilty of felony DUI.

NOT GUILTY of felony DUI  (Kane County)

  • Client was stopped for allegedly leaving his lane crossing the river. Client allegedly showed common signs of alcohol consumption and possible intoxication,  specifically bloodshot glassy eyes, slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol.  Client declined Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and a breathalyzer.  State’s evidence insufficient to meet its burden beyond a reasonable doubt and Client found Not Guilty of felony DUI.

Felony Aggravated Battery Dismissed (Kane County)

  • Client charged with aggravated battery after a dispute with colleague resulted in a broken jaw for alleged victim. Charges dismissed when State failed to secure enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Jury Finds Client Not Guilty Following Single Vehicle Rollover Accident (Kane County)

  • Client was leaving a bar in St. Charles on his way home in Sugar Grove when an animal ran in front of his car. Client swerved to avoid the animal and his vehicle rolled over off the road way into a ditch. Client was able to pull himself out of the vehicle and suffered no major injuries. Officer subsequently arrested Client at the hospital for DUI after Client declined field sobriety tests. State’s evidence was unable to meet its burden beyond a reasonable doubt and client was found Not Guilty at jury trial.

Not Guilty Verdict for Client Accused of Battering Spouse (Kane County)

  • Client was accused of tackling his spouse following a dispute. Child of the alleged victim called 911 and police were dispatched to the home. At trial the State’s evidence was insufficient to show that Client tackled or battered the alleged victim. Client found not guilty of Domestic Battery.

Directed Not Guilty verdict for DUI Third Timer (DeKalb County)

  • Client was leaving a friend’s house after spending the day at a golf outing.  He was pulled over for allegedly crossing the fog line and riding the center line through a curve.  Client performed the standardized field sobriety tests, but refused the breath test.  State’s evidence was insufficient to meet its burden even in the light most favorable to the State.  Client found Not Guilty of DUI.

Jury finds sleeping passenger NOT GUILTY of DUI (DeKalb County)

  • Client was a second timer found sleeping in the passenger seat of his car in the early morning hours of a winter day. Officers initially believed the running vehicle seen parked in the street in a residential area was unoccupied, but when officers approached on foot they discovered client sleeping in the passenger seat, slightly slumped over the center console. Upon waking client up officers asked him to perform field sobriety tests and subsequently arrested him for DUI. Jury determined that although client was in actual physical control of his vehicle at the time, the State failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was under the influence of alcohol. As a result, client was found Not Guilty of DUI.

Felony DUI with an accident and .215 BAC – NOT GUILTY! (DeKalb County)

  • Client was coming home from friend’s house where he had consumed a few beers. Client was texting while driving and continued straight when the road curved, crashing into creek.  Client was transported to the hospital against his wishes and blood draw taken resulting in .215 BAC. BAC was excluded at trial and without the result, Client was found Not Guilty.

GERD defense yields NOT GUILTY for a 2nd timer w/ a .227 BAC (DeKalb County)

  • Client was coming home from a bar and stopped at a drive-thru to get some food. Drive-thru clerk called police after suspicion that driver was under the influence.  Police investigated and subsequently arrested client. Client had Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which caused his breathalyzer result of .227 BAC to be unreliable under the circumstances.

DUI charges DISMISSED due to unlawful entry into home after a traffic accident (DeKalb County)

  • Client driving home in bad winter weather drives off the road and rolls his vehicle.  Driver walks over a mile home in the snow.  Police arrive at crash scene to find abandoned vehicle and go to registered owner’s home to investigate.  Police subsequently return for a second time to the home upon learning that Client had made it home.  Police unlawfully enter the home without a warrant or any other circumstances justifying their entry to speak with Client and subsequently arrest him. Entry into the home was found to be unlawful and case was dismissed.

Faulty breath machine leads to a NOT GUILTY directed verdict in a DUI case involving and accident and .182BAC! (DeKalb County)

  • Client driving home from a friend’s house at dawn and blows through a T-intersection, colliding with a telephone pole. Onboard navigation system contacts emergency personnel and police to the accident. Client is subsequently arrested for DUI and asked to provide a breath sample. The breath result of .182 BAC was excluded from trial as the breathalyzer machine was faulty and officer did not complete the process for obtaining a breath result properly. Client was found Not Guilty.

Directed verdict of NOT GUILTY on DUI charge! (DeKalb County)

  • Client pulled over in a parking lot for a traffic stop and asked to do Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Client arrested based on tests and officer’s observations, but evidence was insufficient to meet the State’s burden of proof and Client found Not Guilty without having to call a witness.

Not Guilty Verdict for Second Time DUI Client (DeKalb County)

  • Client was leaving a birthday party at a bar when he passed by an officer who was tending to a driver in ditch. Officer concluded his contact with the driver in the ditch and began instead following Client. Client was followed for over a mile without committing a single traffic violation before he was pulled over and arrested on a warrant. At the police station Client successfully completed field sobriety tests and despite observations of an odor of alcohol and bloodshot, glassy eyes the State failed to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Client was found Not Guilty of DUI.

Felony domestic battery charges dismissed in alleged strangulation case! (Kendall County)

  • Client and his significant other got into an argument which allegedly lead to a physical altercation between the parties. Client alleged to have place his hands on his girlfriend’s neck during the dispute. State’s evidence was insufficient to proceed forward and case was dismissed.

Ambien Defense produces NOT GUILTY on a DUI w/ a .115 BAC (Boone County)

  • Client had a few beers at dinner and took his prescription Ambien prior to bed to aid his sleep. Client subsequently found operating his vehicle in another county when he allegedly drove in the wrong lane and ran a deputy off the road. Client had no recollection of events and was arrested. Client’s actions were involuntary as he acted predominantly under the influence of his Ambien and not alcohol.