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Family Law Lawyers

Family Law Attorneys Serving Kane, Kendall & DeKalb Counties

There are a number of legal disputes and other matters that fall under the practice area of family law.  Despite the wide variety, however, all of the issues tend to revolve around a single theme: to protect the integrity of the family and its members. This includes marriages, domestic partnerships, and civil unions. The dissolution of these types of relationships via divorce or annulment are also covered. All manner of issues regarding children, including custody, child support, and paternity, are covered underneath the family law umbrella.

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations such as:

  • the nature of the relationship (is it a marriage, civil union, or domestic partnerships),
  • issues arising during marriage such as spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, and child abduction;
  • issues arising at the termination of the relationship through separation, divorce, or annulment such as property settlements, spousal maintenance, child support, custody and visitation issues.

Van Der Snick Law Firm, LTD., represents people in a wide range of family-related and domestic relations issues, including but not limited to:

We help people and families with:

  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support & Spousal Maintenance
  • Divorce/ Separation
  • Guardianships
  • Maintenance Modifications & Terminations
  • Orders of Protection
  • Paternity / Parentage
  • Property Division

If you find yourself facing a family law legal issue, let Van Der Snick Law Firm help!

The dissolution of relationships is often a messy and emotional process, and it’s a good idea to reach out to professionals to help you through it. Our experienced attorneys can help you determine issues like alimony or spousal support as well as how to divide up assets. We can even help craft child custody and child support agreements to present for the approval of the court system.

Family law often times centers around issues relating to child support and custody.  When it comes to child custody, judges will err on the side of what is in the best interests of the child when making decisions.  In doing so, it may be determined that one parent or another is best suited to care for the child or children in question. It might also be determined that neither parent is able to adequately support and care for them. In cases in which neither parent is deemed appropriate, the determination in most cases is not permanent. That means that is a temporary ruling that will stay in place until such a time as the courts decide that the parents are better able to care for their dependents. With that said, the majority of divorces end up with a relatively common form of child custody. To ensure that you receive the most time with your children as possible, make sure to contact a Van Der Snick Law Firm, LTD attorney as quickly as possible to protect your rights.

As for child support, the role of family law judges is to not only order paternity tests in cases in which parentage of a child has not yet been confirmed, but to do so with the intention of being able to render a decision as to necessary child support.  One parent may request child support in order to pay for the child’s school costs, to pay for extracurricular activities, or even to pay for medical costs. In many cases, the amount of support the non-custodial parent must pay is largely impacted by their income. Make sure that you get a favorable judgement by contacting an experienced attorney early in the process!

When it comes to criminal offenses such as child abuse or domestic violence, family law courts play an important role in ensuring that the victims of these cases are protected, whether it be by hearing requests and ruling on protection orders or in instituting modifications to child custody orders as a result of them.

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