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  • This year turned out well for me because of the amazing work you and your team did for me.  Can’t thank you enough.

  • Thank you Brick and Adam for everything you both have done for me.  The kindness that you both showed me during a tough time was inspiring.  I hope you know how much I appreciate everything.


  • We can’t thank Brick, Adam, Pam, and Kelly enough for handling my son’s case.  You earned all of your fee and were absolutely unforgettable.  We appreciate you all so much.


  • My son and I are so grateful to Brick and Adam for being so great to my son.  You guys were amazing and it was like some little miracle happened.  I wanted to thank you so much for everything.  Everyone took a personal interest and caring for my son throughout his process.  You’re a great firm and you treat people with such personal care.  Thank you for everything.


  • “This is a note of thanks for ALL you and your team did for my friend over the past couple years! Without all your work and expertise, he could have lost a lot, most of all his children. Thank you for giving him his life back!”

    Zuzu P.

  • “The team at Van Der Snick Law is excellent.  From my consultation to the resolution of my case they were with me 100%.  Couldn’t recommend more to anyone!!  Thanks everyone!”

    Ben B.

  • “Brick and Adam provided excellent legal counsel, and are backed by an amazing office support team. Thanks for all your expert work and advise!”

    Michael M.

  • “You are a wonderful group and I appreciate all you have done for me.”

    Lana S.

  • “Beyond their legal gifts they have a capacity. They made me feel relief, they took away some of the doubts that were eating me up inside. They empathized! I did not feel alone with them at my side.”

    Michael G

  • “You are all such wonderful people, who I view as my personal friends. All of you bring light into very dark times in people’s lives. God has a special place in heaven for all of you.”

    Luke C.

  • “Thank you and I can honestly say that I was very happy with everyone at the firm and feel like you all were able to get me exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making me feel like a person and not just someone to collect money from. I can’t say enough how happy I am that I was referred to this law firm and that everyone I dealt with was unbelievable nice and professional.”


  • “I wanted to formally say thank you again for helping me through a tough time this summer.”

    Aubrey K.

  • “I hired Mr. Van Der Snick for several traffic tickets a few years ago and he was able to save my license from being suspended, as I had too many tickets on my record. I then hired him last year for a DUI charge that I received in Kane County. I had to wait to get an appointment with him, but it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Mr. Van Der Snick is an AMAZING attorney. He was able to get my DUI charges dismissed, which I never thought to be possible. He not only answered all my questions clearly and precisely, his staff also made sure to notify me of every court date by letter and by phone call. His staff is very professional and friendly! They are always there to answer your questions if the attorney is in court. I would recommend Brick to any family or friend that I have who is in need of an attorney.”

  • “I used Mr. Vandersnick who came highly recommended to me from a great law firm! I was amazed at the way his office worked. They were always so pleasant in my difficult time and really were down to earth people who worked well together. The outcome was amazing and he was always on my side! He is not your “normal” attorney! Jordan and Kelly are huge assetts to this attorney and I can’t say enough thanks for the work they put into my case. Always informed me of everything that was going on. I never had to contact them in order to find out where the process was on my case. It was a horrible situation made into a good experience simply because they cared! The outcome was something I am still shaking my head wondering how it turned out as it did! I would definitely recommend Mr. Vandersnick for any DUI case. I am forever in debt to this man for all the hard work and results he has provided me. He gave me hope when I had thought all hope was gone! All I can say is that I made the right decision to hire Mr. Vandersnick and completely happy with the service I was provided. I haven’t one negative thing to say in regards to his team in the office and his ability to work magic in the court room! Thank God for attorneys as himself!:) “It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.”